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Superior Court Judge, Seat 34

We Support Gary Kreep!

Gary Kreep as General Counsel for the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps and its members has shown himself through many legal challenges to be a stalwart defender of our citizen rights and our ordered liberty.

In defending our personal safety and national security, Gary has shown his deep knowledge of, and abiding respect for, the U.S. Constitution, the California Constitution, and the law. He has demonstrated over decades his bold willingness to fight for the rights of We the People. Without reservation, California Minutemen are honored to endorse and support him for Superior Court Judge, Seat 34, San Diego.

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Gary Kreep


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Attorney General of California

We Support John Eastman! (2010 election)

John Eastman is an exceptionally well qualified candidate for Attorney General of California.

He is a Constitutional Law Attorney, who clerked for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and has successfully argued cases before the United States Supreme Court.

This year in California there is no race more important than that of Attorney General. The past year has demonstrated that the Obama administration will force his disastrous policies on every state if he is not opposed. The front line of that opposition is 18 Attorneys General of various states who have sued to halt the unconstitutional notion that the government can regulate commerce by demanding that every citizen engage in it!

John Eastman will not only join, he will help lead the legal efforts to halt the unconstitutional, massive and ruinous socialistic power grabs of the Obama administration -- including ObamaCare, Cap and Tax, and the Department of Justice attack on the recent Arizona Immigration Law Enforcement legislation.

When elected Attorney General this fall, John Eastman has pledged to immediately add California to the growing number of states challenging the Obama abuses diminishing our liberties and destroying individual and state rights!

This is why the California Minuteman PAC proudly endorses John Eastman for Attorney General of California!

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John Eastman

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